Highlife musician Bless has asked authorities to take action against awards organiser Kwame Fordjour popularly known as ‘Dr UN’ for deceit.

Dr UN has been trending for weeks now for his ability to ‘scam’ influential persons including the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, popular musicians Sarkodie, D-Black, media personalities Berla Mundi and Johnnie Hughes with his awards.

He gave the impression that the awards were associated with the United Nations and the Kofi Annan Foundation which later turned out to be false, leaving eggs on the faces of those who attended his event.

And for Chocho Mucho hitmaker Bless, Dr UN must be dealt with. According to him, the man’s action is not something people should brush aside and just laugh over.

“What the man did is serious but we are just laughing about it as if nothing happened. To gather high profile people in the name of giving them awards for their hard work when you know that award is not legit is something we should not joke about at all.

“The UN or government must take serious action against him because we had government officials who were also given some of the awards,” he said.

Since the awards, Dr UN has been making the rounds at a number of radio and TV stations and Bless asked the media houses to stop giving him audience as if he is a hero.

“I know media houses want news but not this way. Dr UN is not a hero and we should not be giving him that privilege. It is so sad how he embarrassed our top musician Sarkodie and other high profile officials and we should all disassociate ourselves from him.

“If we endorse him we are giving the opportunity to other people who might be thinking of doing the same thing. Who knows what he got out of this award scheme,” he said.

Bless also asked Ghanaians to go easy on celebrities who find themselves involved in scandals, especially if it is no fault of theirs.

“Some of the comments I saw on social media about for instance Sarkodie were enough to break him down if he were not strong. The insults and the trolling are just too much, we should slow down a bit when our celebrities are in trouble,” he stated.